Multi-fonctional Desktop Education Robot arm for School/ Home and DIY Makers

Dobot magician robot

What is Dobot Magician?

Dobot Magician is the latest 4 axis desktop robot arm for School education, especially for K12 and STEM. It has been also widely used in university project, such as Tsinghua University in Beijing, University of Tennessee in USA, College of Technology in UK.

Enjoy out-of-box design, master in 10 minutes, without assembling

whole body

6 Reasons to choose Dobot Magician ?

  • High Precision : precision reaching 0.2mm, perfectly replacing people’s hand.
  • High Extension: With 13 external ports, Dobot Magician can finish writing, drawing, picking, placing, 3D printing, laser engraving and sucking.
  • Easy Control: Small size is perfect for home and school. Compared to huge robot, Dobot Magician adapts out-of-box design. Without complecated assembling, any user can master it in one minmute.
  • Multi Function: One robot can re-developed as different tools, like Drawing Tool, 3D Printer and Laser Engraver.
  • Readable Coding Learner: Self-developed Dobot Blockly help beginner to learn coding as interesting as a moving puzzle game.
  • High Cost Effectiveness: With these functions and extension, it only costs 10% of current smart robots.

 Drag and drop can finish coding, even for the beginner

Readable Coding Platform 

What Dobot Magician (Advanced Version) can do in your life?

  • Writing and Drawing Tool

After entering the text, Dobot Magician can exactly re-appear your handwriting or pictures, with high precision. After saving your favourite pictures, Dobot Magician can re-write it, which the fun will never stop.

Perfectly re-present your handwriting and creation, with writing and drawing kit

  • Picking and Placing Tool

Dobot Magician provides vacuum pump Kit with -35Kpa, easily sucking and moving items. Making you personal workspace, releasing your hands.

  • 3D Printer

Dobot Magician has the feature of highly self-developing, it can be a double-color 3D Printer, which is the first desktop robot with double color 3D printing.

the first desktop dual-color 3D printing robot

  • Handhold Teaching Tool

By dragging and placing the arm, the movement can be saved in robot itself. The easiest and safest way to master the arm and this function even can be used for children’s learning and science raise.

handhold teaching can help children safely control and learn robot

  • Shadow Laser Engraver

With 500mW blue laser head, Dobot Magician can engrave on wood, leather and hard paper. Special made eye-protecting Glasses make users free to use, without harming.

500Mv blue laser head

Package List:

  1. Robot Arm ×1
  2. Suction Cup ×1
  3. Gripper ×1
  4. Bluetooth Module ×1 
  5. 3D Printing Kit
  6. Writing and Drawing Kit ×1
  7. WIFI Module ×1
  8. Joystick Control Kit ×1 
  9. Laser Engraving Kit ×1 

After Sales Support

  • Warranty supports: conditional 15-day replacement,12-month worry-free warranty.
  • Life time Online Support: Professional Engineers provide life time support.
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